Dial 911 ONLY in an emergency
Administration: (208) 529-1375
Jail: (208) 529-1315
Dispatch: (208) 529-1200
605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Drug Task Force

Mission Statement

The Bonneville County Drug Task Force is made up from Sworn Officers of the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, and the Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The Main objectives of the Bonneville County Drug Task Force is the investigations that lead to the arrest and conviction of those individuals and or organizations, involved in the drug trafficking, possession, sale, manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs. The Drug Task force is also responsible for the investigation of citizen's complaints regarding drug violations.

The Bonneville County Drug Task Force also works closely with the Idaho Falls Police Department Drug Task Force, and Narcotics investigators from the Eastern Idaho Upper Valley.

Report Drug Activity Anonymously

Help the Bonneville County Drug Task Force address the problem of drug possession and or sale, and distribution. If you suspect someone of participating in illegal drug activity. Please call the Drug Task Force Office at (208)529 1147, and leave a message. You may also call Crime Stoppers, at (208) 522-1983.

All information remains confidential and callers may remain anonymous if they wish. In order to assist that your information will be utilized in the most expedient and efficient manner possible, please be as specific as possible when providing information. In the name, physical description, known associates, vehicle information, including make, model, color, and registration, describe the type of activity that is occurring, and what makes you think that this person is involved in criminal activity. Also please indicate if you would like an investigator to contact you. We thank you for any assist to the Bonneville County Drug Task Force.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why does it take so long to investigate Drug Crimes?

Police officers can not make an arrest or obtain a search warrant for drugs on mere suspicion. Anonymous tips form citizens about drug houses or individuals dealing drugs are important to police efforts, but only a beginning in an actual drug investigation. Tips form citizens must be proved accurate independently by police officers in order for legal action to be taken. Sometimes independent verification may take months, other times it may occur in a matter of days.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug Trafficking may be best defined as a sufficient amount of an illegal substance that constitutes a higher penalty for its possession under Idaho Law. Each Controlled substance has its own Limit as to what may constitute either simple possession or trafficking.

What is a Methamphetamine Lab?

Most simply, a meth lab is a certain collection of items, chemicals and equipment that, when used in a certain order, can produce methamphetamine.

How can I identify a Methamphetamine Lab?

A meth lab may not be laboratory-type set up in one single location. The nature of clandestine methamphetamine manufacture indicates that meth lab components may be everyday household items, and therefore, not easily distinguishable by the layman. Indicators such as large amounts of Chemicals, like drain cleaners, white gas, coffee filters, mason jars, sinus pills, matchbooks, and lithium batteries. Propane tanks are indicative of a meth lab also. Strong odors such as ether or ammonia may also be present. Meth lab is considered to be extremely dangerous and caution should be used when dealing with them. If you suspect items may be part of a meth lab. You should never open or move contents, but instead, call your local Drug Task force.

How can I identify a drug house?

Dealers often use homes as a place for their clients to purchase drugs. If you observe activity such as a large volume of short stay traffic or persons waiting outside a house for long periods of time. Even in bad weather conditions. This may be an indicator that the home is being used as a distribution point for illegal drugs. Contact your Drug Task Force.