Dial 911 ONLY in an emergency
Administration: (208) 529-1375
Jail: (208) 529-1315
Dispatch: (208) 529-1200
605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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The Bonneville County Sheriffs Office Service Dog Teams are the best law enforcement canines in the region and are constantly ready to take a bite out of crime. For 17 years the Sheriffs office has maintained active K-9 units with at least two dual purpose teams, (service dogs that are trained to not only locate illegal narcotics but also apprehend dangerous suspects) these teams aggressively hunt out bad guys and the drugs they bring with them.

Currently we have three active teams as a result of generous donations and community participation. These teams train constantly. After completing a rigorous initial training that takes up to 12 weeks to hone the skills of the canine and handler, the teams must pass the State Police Dog Test. Handlers are selected from the ranks of Patrol Officers and volunteer for the assignment and may spend up to ten years with an individual canine who lives with them and there family. These service Dogs become a life saving tool that protect and serve the citizens of Bonneville County and the Deputy's that serve with them.

Our K-9 teams will happily give demonstrations to your school or business and when requested can search your facility for hidden narcotics.

We are constantly looking for new and unique locations to train, if you have secure property or a business and would like it searched or can make it available for training, please contact the Sheriffs Office.