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Marine Patrol

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Marine Patrol unit combines enforcement and education to ensure safe and high-quality recreational opportunities for the citizens of Bonneville County.

Bonneville County is home to some of Idaho's most beautiful waterways. The Marine Patrol Unit provides services at Palisades Reservoir, Ririe Reservoir, Gem Lake, and for a 25 mile stretch of the Snake River.

The Sheriff's Office has 1 full-time marine deputy and four back-country deputies that work on or around the waterways. During high use times, other deputies may be called in for assistance.

Managing the waterways of Bonneville County is no small task. To ensure effective service, the Sheriff's Office is equipped with 5 boats, a zodiac raft and 2 PWC's.

These vessels are utilized on Palisades Reservoir, Ririe Reservoir, the upper and lower Snake River, as well as various other waterways and tributaries.

Each lake and the 25 mile stretch of the Snake River is patrolled weekly. These patrols give the Marine Deputy the opportunity to interact with and educate recreational boaters, while ensuring conditions and equipment are safe. As needed, assistance is given in Search & Rescue operations.

Another duty of the Marine unit is to conduct boat inspections. These are done throughout the boating season at the lake and river boat ramps. There are also inspections that take place at some of the local businesses prior to the boating season.

Boat safety classes are offered during the off-season, mainly during the late fall, winter and early spring months. With the help of our local media, we use Public Service Announcements to inform the public of the dates and times of boat classes. To schedule or find an upcoming Idaho Boater Safety Course, contact Bonneville County Sheriff's Marine Deputy.

As a Marine Unit, it is our duty to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all who put their boats in Bonneville County waters.

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