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General Information

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office has the responsibility of executing and or serving certain court-issued documents; namely Writs of Execution, Possession, Assistance, Attachment and Restitution. We also deliver non-writ process papers.We require a signed letter of instruction with all process papers we serve.

When sendingWAGE & BANK GARNISHMENTSplease be sure to include the following:

  1. Original Writalong with 2 copies

2. Order for Continuing garnishment (If applicable)along with 2 copies

3. Notice of Garnishment/Interrogatories Formalong with 2 copies. (You must fill in the top of this form which includes:(a). District Court Number (b).Case Number (c).Plaintiff & Defendant Names, (d). To: Name & Address of employer or bank.

4. Claim of Exemption, Notice & Instruction Forms:

Wage Garnishments 1 copy.

Bank Garnishments 2 copies.

(You must fill in the first two blanks on page 1 of the Notice of Exemptions, & the top section of page 1 on the Claim of Exemption Form.)

5.SignedLetter of Instruction directed to the Bonneville County Sheriff

6. Stamped envelope addressed to the defendantExtra Postage Required

7. $40.00 service fee, made payable to the Bonneville County Sheriff

8. (Bank garnishment only) $5.00 search fee required by the bank.Check must be issued to the bank

For your convenience you can find templates at the top of this page for the following:

  1. Wage & Bank Garnishment Notice/Interrogatories
  2. Claim of Exemption, Notice & Instructions

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If you require more information or have questions concerning a certain process you may contact our office at (208) 529-1371.

Please Note: We are not attorneys and therefore do not give legal advice. If your paperwork is in order we will be more than happy to assist you.