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Mail To Inmates

If you would like to send mail for an inmate there are some important rules to follow:

  1. Each envelope must have the inmate's full name and your name and complete correct return address written on the envelope. If this information is not on the outside of the envelope the inmate will not receive the contents.
  2. Please do not send letters from anyone other than the person or persons listed on the outside of the envelope. Exceptions are made for young children.
  3. Do not put stickers of any kind on the envelope or it's contents. Do not glue anything or attach items with tape to the envelope or its contents.
  4. Do not send cards that play music or include any type of electronic equipment.
  5. Do not send Polaroid photographs or nude photographs.
  6. Do not send stationary, stamps, or stamped envelopes. Inmates can purchase these items through the commissary program.
  7. Inmates are not allowed to receive a daily newspaper or newspaper clippings. Inmates are given access to the local newspaper 5 days per week.

Mailing Address

(Inmate Name)
c/o Bonneville County Jail
605 N. Capital
Idaho Falls, ID  83402

Additional Information