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School Resource

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Office currently has four Detectives assigned to the School Resource Program. The Detectives work closely with the school officials, students, families, and community organizations to keep the schools safe.

The School Resource Officer job description:

  1. Investigate and deter crime.
    • Interview students concerning criminal behaviors.
    • Refer offenders to the appropriate agencies.
    • Promote a Crime Stoppers program
  2. Create and maintain good relationships with juvenile agencies.
  3. Sponsor a Law Club.
  4. Maintain surveillance.
    • Rotate VHS/digital recordings before the recording space expires.
    • Maintain all recording instruments.
    • Purchase and install surveillance equipment as needed.
    • Evaluate future needs.
  5. Control campus parking.
    • Issue parking permits.
    • Control faculty parking, bus loading, student pick-up areas, speed and reckless driving complaints.
    • Collect fines from tickets according to school policy.
    • Inform parents of habitual offenders.
  6. Teach students about the law.
    • Prepare and teach classes on the law and justice system, as requested.
    • Periodically publish safe driving and crime prevention messages to the student body.
  7. Monitor students populations.
    • Patrol campus; maintain a positive image with students.
    • Deter unwelcome visitors.
    • Patrol areas of the campus that are low traffic and seldom observed.
    • Attend after school activities (both home and away) as assigned. 
      • Arrange for extra help from law enforcement for larger and/or potentially troublesome crowds.
      • Direct extra help at activities.
  8. Work with administration to promote a safe school.