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Work Release

The Work Release program is designed to allow minimum security inmates the
opportunity to maintain employment within the community, while satisfying their court
ordered jail sanction.

Work Detail

The Work Detail program provides inmate labor to our community and saves taxpayers
and non-profits over $500,000 annually. Additionally, our hope is to teach inmates
valuable vocational skills that will assist them upon release. Some of the services
provided by our work detail include: lawn-mowing and snow removal for certain
governmental and nonprofit organizations in Bonneville County, litter removal from
designated sections of public roadways in Bonneville County, set-up and tear-down of
tables, chairs, tents, etc., as well as clean-up after many public events, assisting with
special projects including the community garden, the duck race, 4th of July celebration,
helping at the Idaho Falls Senior Center, small renovation and demolition projects for
Bonneville County and other non-profit entities.

Wood Court

The Wood Court is a problem solving court much like a Drug Court. However, the Wood
Court specifically focuses on helping offenders in the criminal justice system who suffer
from mental health and substance use disorders and are likely to be sentenced to
prison. This diversion program attempts to treat people in their respective communities
and return them to the work force and independence as responsibly as possible. All
participants start out in the Bonneville County Work Release program and transition to
the community via supportive housing until they are able to save enough income from
employment to acquire their own housing. The program takes approximately 16 months
to complete.

Vet Court

The Veterans Treatment Court is a problem solving court that treats veterans in the
criminal justice system who suffer from substance use. In addition to treatment and
community supervision, this program utilizes other veteran supportive services in the
community that are unique to the veteran population. The duration of the program is a
minimum of 12 months and successful completion can result in the dismissal of a felony