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Administration: (208) 529-1375
Jail: (208) 529-1315
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605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
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Work Detail Program

The Bonneville County Work Detail program allows sentenced and pre-trial inmates to work off their fines. Each participating inmate receives thirty-five dollars a day to help pay off fines. 

The inmates are housed in the Bonneville County Work Release Center and are taken out each morning to work on various assignments throughout Bonneville County. 

The majority of projects performed by the program have benefited Bonneville County and the City of Idaho Falls, helping to save the taxpayers' money in the end.    

At times, the program may have skilled workers and will assist area non-profit organizations in projects such as the Equal Access Playground.  

The Bonneville County Work Detail has assisted in building many of the Tauphas Park Zoo displays, contributing over 50,000 man-hours of work to the local zoo.  The program has built many playgrounds in the area for School Districts 91 and 93. 


  • Inmates earn $35/day towards paying off their fines.
  • Only inmates convicted of a misdemeanor, and some non-violent felons, may participate in the program.
  • Participants work 8 hours/day, Monday-Friday, 8-4PM.
  • Between 60-80 inmates participate in the program on a regular basis.

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Contact Information:

Lieutenant Mike Pickett
Work Release/ Work Detail/ Courts
Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
605 N. Capital
Idaho Falls, ID. 83402
Office phone 208-529-1315 EXT. 5108
Cell phone 208-521-9469