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Work Release Facility and Program

The Sheriff, and his appointed staff, manages the Bonneville County Work Release Facility and Program.

The work release deputy in-charge, under the supervision of the work release sergeant, is in control of the facility and all of its activities at all times.

The program and facility must abide by all the main jail rules and procedures. Variations to the policies and procedures of the main jail are provided below. If not identified otherwise, policies, procedures and programs available in the main jail are also available to inmates in the work release facility.

The work Release Facility houses three categories of inmates:

1. Work Release Inmates

1a. Sentenced to a specific period of time in the work release program. Under the provisions of the program, work release inmates are released to attend work and school on a scheduled basis. 

1b. The work release program is a fee program. To qualify for the program inmates must have approved employment and sign a fee payment contract. Fees are pre-paid on a weekly basis unless other arrangements have been made and pre-approved.

2. In-custody Work Detail Inmates

2a. Sentences to a specific period to perform work projects for the county. Time served and work performed is set by the courts in lieu of fines or other court charges owed by the inmate. 

3. Main Jail Inmates, Temporarily Housed in Work Release

3a. Based upon main jail needs, occasionally minimum-security inmates may be housed in the work release facility in order to facilitate greater need within the main jail. All programs available to main jail inmates are available to the inmates temporarily housed in work release. \3b. The schedule for events will be the same as main jail inmates housed in special housing. 

Work Release Program

  • Work release inmates must pre-pay an administrative fee of $21 per day in order to participate in the program. 
  • The inmate must have valid employment or seeking valid, approved employment
  • Unless otherwise arranged, an inmate may work no more than 12 hours a day and is authorized up to 30 minutes travel, both to and from work (totaling one hour).
  • The hours worked must be approved by the program and consistent with the inmate's normally scheduled hours.
  • Daily alcohol tests are conducted on each inmate returning to the facility from work. If the result is positive, the inmate is considered in violation of the program and may be returned to general population in the main jail and no longer eligible for work release. 
  • Random drug tests are conducted on a weekly basis and cost the inmate $5 per test. If the result is positive, the inmate is considered in serious violation of the program and may be returned to general population in the main jail and no longer eligible for work release.
  • Weekly, unannounced job checks are performed by deputy visits and random calls to the inmate's supervisor.
  • Inmates are not allowed to leave their place of employment for any reason, unless pre-approved. This includes lunch breaks, if the place of employment does not have a cafeteria, the work release program will provide the inmate with a sack lunch.
  • Inmates may not visit family or friends outside of the facility, except on Sundays when inmates are given a four-hour pass for religious and family purposes. This privilege may be revoked at anytime by the deputy in-charge, or by court order.
  • Currently, up to 192 inmates can participate in the work release program.
  • If an inmate attempts to escape, the inmate will no longer be eligible for work release, returned to the main jail, and will receive the following consecutive increase in their sentence:
    • Inmates convicted of a misdemeanor will serve an additional six months
  • Inmates convicted of a felony will serve an additional 5 years.
Contact Information:
Bonneville County Sheriff's Office
Sgt. B. Haderlie or Sgt. R. Campbell
208-529-1315 ext. 5317 (office)