Conducts security rounds; observes conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances
and escapes; searches inmates and cells for contraband articles; patrols assigned areas for
evidence of forbidden activities, infractions of rules and unsatisfactory attitudes or adjustment of
inmates, and reports observations to supervisor; performs inmate supervision during recreation
and meal periods. Expected to pass and comply with Idaho POST rules and certification process


Prepares basic reports and documents incidents. Guard’s inmates in transit between jail,
courtroom, prisons, or other points, traveling by automobile or public transportation as required;
locks inmate(s) in cell after searching for weapons, valuables or drugs. Observe, interact, listen
and respond to conduct and behavior of inmates utilizing effective inter-personal communication
skills as needed to manage the behavior of inmates and enhance the safety and environment for
inmates and staff; effecting disciplinary process when appropriate.

This is a limited list and a full job description is available from Bonneville County human