Our Detention Deputy Team is responsible for operations at the Bonneville County Jail as well as our Court Transport and Security Team, with a primary goal of safety and security for the public, inmates, and staff.  Primary duties involve:

  • Day to day observation, management, and interacttion with inmates maintaining safety and security of the facility
  • Record keeping and documentation of activities, violations, and behavior
  • Working with team members to facilitate processing, security searches, enforcement of rules, and assisting with resources provided to incarcerated persons throughout the facility
  • Utilizing effective inter-personal communicatoin skills with inmates under stress, in crisis, or exhibiting violent behavior
  • Working with the public to communicate information and answer questions related to the duties of the Bonneville County Sheriffs Office  
  • Training with and utilizing tools, techniques and procedures for the safe and efficient operations of activities at the Bonneville County Jail, Courthouse and assigned areas of responsibility
  • Maintaining readiness to respond to medical emergencies, security risks, and threats to safety
  • Transport of inmates between secure and non-secure facilities


This is a limited list of duties and responsibilities – a full job description is available from Bonneville County human resources.