The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Aquatic Rescue Team is an elite group of individuals dedicated to helping families of water related fatalities and evidence recovery. The team readily responds to vehicle crashes, boating accidents and swimming emergencies where the victims are unreachable by normal shore based means.

The team consists of approximately 15 divers, all of whom are trained in search operations, underwater navigation, oxygen administration and swift water rescue, to name a few. The majority of the divers are Public Safety Diver and Dive Rescue 1 certified through Dive Rescue International, based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The team has a combined experience of logging thousands of open water dives and many decades of diving knowledge.

The team’s technological side boasts of underwater communication equipment, remote operated vehicle “Jake”, dry suits, portable air compressor and electrical generator and most recently, a mobile Critical Incident Support Trailer with a cascade air system and heated shelter.

The Aquatic Rescue Team responds several times a year to recover victims, vehicles or boats in the canals, lakes and rivers located in Bonneville County. In addition, under mutual aid agreement, the team assists other counties throughout South East Idaho in providing this same service to their residents.