Teenager dies after small explosion
Tue, 05/21/2019 – 12:37

May 21, 2019


     As a result of yesterday’s incident, the victim, a 14 year old boy, succumbed to his injuries at EIRMC shortly after arriving yesterday afternoon.  So far, Deputies have determined the two boys were using powders and materials in a backyard shed to construct a small homemade gun or cannon that would launch a small projectile.  During this process an explosion occurred causing a piece of wood to penetrate the victim’s chest that ultimately led to the fatal injury.  The victim’s mother and arriving Deputies attempted first aide and CPR until Ambulance personnel arrived and transported him to the hospital. 

     This incident is still under investigation, no further information is available at this time. 


May 20, 2019



RE: Teenage boy injured after small explosion

     At approximately 4:10pm this afternoon, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies, Idaho Falls Ambulance and Ammon Fire personnel responded to Rosedale St. in Ammon to a report of a teenage boy injured after an explosion.  Emergency personnel arrived and located the boy who was immediately transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center with a significant wound to the chest. 

     While on scene Deputies found that the injured boy along with a 2nd teenage boy were igniting a powder substance that caused an explosion, sending a piece of wood into the boy’s chest area.  The mother of the injured boy heard the explosion from inside the residence and was able to call for help.

     Deputies and Fire Personnel made sure the area was safe and no other injuries or property damage was found. Deputies are continuing to investigate the cause and no further information is available at this time.