ATV and off road safety reminder
Tue, 06/04/2019 – 09:49

June 1st, 2019



     Over the last 36 hours Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies have responded to 4 separate ATV and motorcycle off road crashes resulting in riders being transported to the hospital.  All of these crashes were a rollover of some type, three of those incidents the riders were wearing helmets but still resulted in serious injuries.  


     Bonneville County has some of the best recreational trails along with vast amounts of agricultural and undeveloped land that many use for their riding pleasure. The Sheriff’s Office cant stress enough the importance of using the proper safety gear required for the ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle you are riding along with proper training and skill for the terrain you plan on using.  Use caution and avoid high speeds, always expect other traffic or users of the trails and area, and respect private property and residential areas.  The Sheriff’s Office does not recommend multiple riders on your ATV’S or Motorcycle’s or unsupervised use by young children.    


     Our hope is that everyone can safely enjoy our backcountry areas.