Winter weather driving awareness
Tue, 11/26/2019 – 11:21

Ice Scrape Fail

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind motorists to be aware of rapid changing winter weather conditions predicted through the weekend.  This makes proper clearing of your vehicle windows and safe driving even more important.  Year after year our Deputies observe motorists who don’t plan enough time in their mornings to adjust for these changes in road conditions that result in slide offs, crashes, and drivers that do not scrape their windows.  Being in a crash is expensive and disruptive enough to your normal daily routine, but can be even more problematic if the crash results in an injury to you or someone else just because you didn’t take time to clear your windows or slow down for slick roads. 


     Idaho Statute requires motorists to drive in a reasonable and prudent manner and adjust to weather conditions to maintain control of your vehicle.  Statute also requires the windows of a vehicle be unobstructed by  too many passengers, objects inside the vehicle, dirt, snow, sleet, and ice so the driver can safely operate the vehicle with the appropriate field of view.  A driver can be cited with an infraction for those types of violations with a possible fine of $90 on each instance. 


     Our Deputies wish for everyone to safety travel through this winter season and especially during this holiday and shopping weekend.  We can’t stress enough the importance of making driving a priority and paying complete attention when operating a motor vehicle.  Avoiding distractions and wearing your seatbelts gives you the best chance of avoiding a collision and injury.  With the added hazards of winter weather and road conditions, taking the time to plan ahead, clear your windows, and slow down when roads are slick can prove to be the better option than ending up in a collision.