Holiday Impaired Driving Mobilization
Tue, 12/10/2019 – 14:50

December 10, 2019


RE:  Holiday Impaired Driving Mobilization

     It’s common to see friends and families gather to celebrate in a variety of holiday activities over the next few weeks in our neighborhoods, shopping centers, and outdoor recreation areas.  It’s also common to see the irresponsible use of alcohol or drugs during these activities that result in injury, death, and disaster. 

     Starting tomorrow, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office will be joining with the Idaho Office of Highway Safety and Law Enforcement Agencies across the state in adding extra resources to locate impaired drivers.  This Holiday Impaired Driving Mobilization is part of several events spearheaded by the Idaho Office of Highway Safety where extra funds are provided to Law Enforcement Agencies that pay for more officers on the street during busy holiday times when historically Impaired Driving incidents occur.  “Impaired driving crashes happen too often,” said Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Sam Hulse, “having the ability to put more of our Deputies on the street during these busy times increases the chances of intercepting a drunk or high driver before someone gets hurt.  Our Deputies and area First Responders have witnessed firsthand the devastation to families that follow an impaired driving crash.”

     No matter what your holiday festivities entail, the best gift you can give to your loved ones is to be here tomorrow.  If you choose to use alcohol or drugs, make a plan to be responsible and avoid driving a motor vehicle.  There is always time to plan ahead for a safe and sober ride and stepping in to make sure your friends and family are traveling with a sober driver can be the best decision for everyone if it avoids someone being injured or killed.  The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone who believes someone is driving impaired to call your local Law Enforcement agency to respond and hopefully intercept before it’s too late.   

     Make the choice to “be here tomorrow”, find more information at