Missing Person
Sun, 03/08/2020 – 13:23

Pupedis, Arthur
Pupedis, Arthur

March 8th, 2020


RE:  Missing person


Arthur Pupedis, 70 of Ammon

Description:  5’ 11”, approximately 140 lbs., gray hair and hazel eyes, possible tattoo on one of his arms

Last seen:  Wearing a green military style jacket with a hood, carrying yellow gloves, and walking with a cane.


     On Friday March 6th, 2020, a Bonneville County Deputy assigned to the Ammon Division was sent to a residential facility on Curlew Dr. to investigate a report of a missing person.  Staff at the facility advised that 70 year old Arthur Pupedis signed himself out of the facility on March 1st around 11am, indicating he was possibly headed to Salt Lake City and returning on March 5th, but as of the morning of March 6th had not returned.  Staff members told the Deputy Mr. Pupedis had several medical issues that required medication and believed he did not take anything with him to sustain being gone this long causing worry for his safety.  Mr. Pupedis was last seen on security footage walking away from the facility wearing a green military type jacket with a hood, carrying yellow gloves, and walking with a cane. 


     Staff advised Mr. Pupedis would come and go on a regular basis since moving in approximately 2 years ago from the Mackay area, but did not have a car or any known family in the area.  Staff was aware that Mr. Pupedis may have connections to the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City and provided information on the few contacts and associates  they knew of to the Deputy.  The Deputy was also told Mr. Pupedis had physical limitations due to his age and various medical conditions, but did not show signs of dementia and being gone under these circumstances was very out of the ordinary for him.  The living space belonging to Mr. Pupedis also did not show any signs he had packed clothes or medicine needed to be gone overnight.


      Deputies have since attempted to contact friends and acquaintances of Mr. Pupedis and have not been able to gain any information as to his whereabouts.  Deputies have also not been able to find any indication Mr. Pupedis traveled by bus or taxi away from the facility in Ammon or toward the Salt Lake area, and there is no record in local hospitals or the VA hospital system showing Mr. Pupedis as a patient.  Since Friday, Deputies have also circulated information to Law Enforcement in the region to be on the lookout for Mr. Pupedis. 


     At this time the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone who has seen or knows the whereabouts of Mr. Pupedis contact a Deputy through dispatch at 208-529-1200.