Drivers License and Motor Vehicles Office closure and changes
Mon, 10/26/2020 – 10:11

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Bonneville County Motor Vehicles Office Closure and move to appointment only:

     Currently the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is implementing updates and changes to computer systems across the state that have slowed down our ability to quickly take care of transactions in our Bonneville County Motor Vehicle Offices.  As with any updates and changes, it takes time to fully transition and allow various systems to correctly connect without mistakes that could cause issues with the community we serve.  A portion of this transition process will require our offices to briefly close to accommodate these changes. 

     This closure will take place from Tuesday October 27th, 2020 through Wednesday October 28th, 2020.  We anticipate returning to regular operations Thursday October 29th and Friday October 30th, however operations may be slow while the system updates. 

     Starting November 2nd, 2020, these offices will offer services by appointment only and will continue to do so for an indeterminate amount of time. To make an appointment call 208-529-1350 and select Motor Vehicles.

    A number of transactions can be completed online at the ITD website ( ) and may save you from having to make a trip to our offices.  We recommend checking the website to see if you can complete your transaction and/or make sure you have the proper documentation BEFORE you make an appointment.  Patrons can also mail in their registration renewals via notices from ITD sent to them by mail.  In the meantime, Bonneville County Assessor Blake Mueller and staff appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through these updates from ITD.


Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Drivers License Division moving to appointment only:

     The Drivers License Division of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has been working to accommodate patrons as efficiently as possible at current staffing levels while providing safe social distancing space for those needing Drivers License services.  The configuration of the Bonneville County Annex building where Drivers License, Motor Vehicles, and other offices prevents proper social distancing indoors with the current volume of customers needing these services.  The effect of this has resulted in lines that are spaced out and extend outside of the building. 

     As a result of this and to mitigate the arrival of cold weather conditions, the Drivers License Offices will be moving to appointment only transactions.  In doing so, our patrons may see appointment availability beyond the date of expiration of licenses and we ask our community to plan ahead as much as possible to avoid any lapse.  To aide in making sure you have proper paperwork and documents for your license transaction, we ask everyone to first check the Idaho Transportation Department website ( ) BEFORE to coming to our offices.  Similar to Motor Vehicle services, many transactions can be handled online and a complete list of any documents or paperwork you may need for your appointment can be found there.  Our staff highly recommends utilizing the STAR TOOL on the ITD website ( ) as it will walk you through exactly what you need prior to your appointment. 

     This transition to appointment only transactions will begin on November 2nd, 2020 and continue for an indeterminate amount of time.  To make an appointment call 208-529-1350 and select the option for the Drivers License Office. 

     The Concealed Weapons Permit and Sex Offender Registry Offices inside of the Drivers License office will continue to be open for walk in traffic.

     Bonneville County Sheriff Paul Wilde and staff wish to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.  Our Deputies will continue to work hard servicing our community in this capacity as safe and efficient as possible.