Seatbelt Mobiliation
Mon, 11/16/2020 – 16:04

November 16, 2020


RE:  Seatbelt Mobilization            

     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, along with multiple Law Enforcement Agencies around Idaho, have teamed up with the Idaho Office of Highway Safety to mobilize from today through the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend with extra patrols looking for seatbelt violations.  Using grant funds from the Idaho Office of Highway Safety we are able to put extra patrols in higher traffic areas watching for traffic violations by aggressive drivers who fail to wear their seatbelt. 

     While our Deputies recommend seatbelt use 100% of the time, it’s even more important this time of year when holiday traffic increases and unpredictable weather causes slick and hazardous road conditions.  Data shows that taking a second to buckle up significantly reduces risk of serious injury or death and modern vehicle safety systems are built to work in conjunction with their use.  In 2020, Idaho has experienced 167 fatalities as of October 31st, almost 2 dozen of which may have been prevented by the simple use of a seatbelt.

     Vehicle crashes can happen to drivers paying 100% attention to their driving at all times.  Continue building safe habits by wearing your seatbelt, require your passengers to wear their seatbelt, make paying attention to your driving a priority, avoid distractions and always obey traffic laws.