UPDATED: Officer Involved Shooting in Ammon
Thu, 12/31/2020 – 11:48

December 31, 2020


RE:  Officer Involved Shooting in Ammon

     On December 30th, 2020, at approximately 4:00am, an Idaho Falls Police Officer attempted to stop a vehicle reported as acting suspicious.  The vehicle eluded the officer who then broadcast information about the vehicle’s last known direction of travel and it’s registered address to other on-duty patrol officers.  During that time, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy D. Vidal and Deputy C. Merrill observed the vehicle driving east on 17th St., turn north onto Falcon Dr., and then pull into an apartment complex.  As both Deputies pulled into the complex they found the suspect vehicle parked in the middle of the driveway with the driver door open. 

     The Deputies exited their patrol cars and were immediately confronted by a male, later identified as 21 year old Peter K. England of Ammon, who emerged from behind a nearby parked car adjacent to his vehicle.  Mr. England was walking toward the Deputies with a handgun pointed directly at Dep. Vidal and closing a distance of less than two car lengths.  During this time Dep. Vidal was giving England verbal commands to show his hands, however he continued to advance pointing the gun directly at Dep. Vidal.  Both Deputies fired their duty weapons at England causing him to move behind a parked vehicle in a defensive position while still holding onto the gun.  Deputies observed Mr. England go down to the ground and were able to safely move up, secure him and begin life-saving efforts.  The entirety of this event lasted less than 10 seconds.

     Deputies, along with an Idaho Falls Police Officer who had arrived and a passerby who was a nurse, continued CPR and first aid until Idaho Falls Fire medics arrived and determined Mr. England was deceased.  Deputies then secured the area along with the handgun found with Mr. England, and a shotgun located inside his vehicle.  The handgun recovered from England was loaded with a full magazine and round in the chamber.  A structure and 4 other vehicles (including the Mr. England’s vehicle) sustained minor damage and no other injuries to residents or Deputies were reported. 

     The East Idaho Critical Incident Team was activated and Detectives from the Idaho State Police, Bingham County Sheriff’s Office, Blackfoot Police Department, Madison County Sheriff’s office, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho Falls Police Department responded to the scene.  The team consists of multiple Law Enforcement agencies from Eastern Idaho and are tasked with handling the investigation of critical incidents using resources that are not directly tied to the Law Enforcement agencies or individuals involved.  Detectives with the Idaho State Police were assigned as lead in this investigation and the area was closed down for several hours while evidence was processed and documented. 

     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office extends its heartfelt sympathy to the England family and appreciation to the nearby residents for their patience while the area was temporarily closed.  The Critical Incident Team is continuing to investigate and process available evidence and information.  An autopsy on Mr. England is scheduled for today and the results from that and other evidentiary analysis could take several weeks.  Dep. Vidal and Dep. Merrill have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

     Further press releases regarding this incident will come from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and no further information is available at this time. 




December 30th, 2020



RE: Officer Involved Shooting in Ammon

     Just after 4am this morning, Bonneville County Sheriffs Deputies were involved in an incident in the 1600 S. block of Falcon Dr. in Ammon where shots were fired resulting in the death of a suspect.  Deputies have secured the scene and the area has been made safe.  The East Idaho Critical Incident Task Force was activated and are on scene to begin an investigation.  No other Deputies or individuals were injured during the incident. 

     Currently Falcon Dr. from 17th St. to approximately 1 block North is closed to traffic and we ask motorists to avoid that area.  No further information is available at this time.