Aggressive Driving Campaign
Tue, 02/02/2021 – 08:21

itd aggresive driving

February 2, 2021


RE: Aggressive Driving Campaign

     Over the next two weeks, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Office of Highway Safety to put extra Deputies on patrol looking for aggressive drivers.  Our Deputies are among the over 50 agencies statewide participating in this event in an effort to educate and keep our community safe.  

     The majority of vehicle crashes our Deputies respond to have been the result of drivers exceeding the posted speed limit or inattention.  In addition, Deputies respond to reports of reckless and distracted drivers  on a daily basis that put the rest of the community at risk.  Many of the aggressive drivers our Deputies encounter were attempting to save small insignificant moments of time in their day, but did not weigh the risk to themselves and others before being involved in tragedy.

     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the motoring public of the importance of following traffic laws and paying attention to your driving at all times.  Traffic laws and traffic control devices are in place for the safe and flow of traffic.  Drivers who avoid distractions and follow traffic laws increase their own safety, the safety of their passengers, and the safety of others who may be in their path.  Our Deputies also recommend taking advantage of the safety systems and technology in your vehicles by property wearing your seatbelt, including the proper installation and use of child safety seats. 

     Do safe things and make paying attention to your driving a priority!