Have you registered your snowmobile?
Wed, 02/17/2021 – 17:36

February 17, 2021


RE: Have you registered your snowmobile?



     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies have seen heavy snowmobile use of designated trail systems and various areas of the back country maintained by Bonneville County Parks and Recreation staff.  Deputies have encountered and had contact with numerous people, in state residents and out of state residents, who have failed to register their snowmobile as required by state statute (I.C. 67-7103).  Registration fees for snowmobiles in Idaho go back into the maintenance and upkeep of trail systems through out the state.  This includes keeping parking lots plowed, trails groomed and marked, and warming huts open and operational.  Residents can even designate which county their fees are applied to at the time of registration to help with the upkeep in the areas they use. 

     Snowmobile crashes, break downs, and lost riders are very common every winter season, with Deputies responding to a wide variety of rescues already this year.  Parks and Recreation staff work hard to mark, groom, and maintain trail systems that have proven to be vital in emergencies, allowing for quicker rescue response, and areas for emergency staging and safety.  These are the things that make a difference for our Deputies and Search and Rescue volunteers when people are in need.

     The cost to register a snowmobile for Idaho residents or to purchase a nonresident user certificate is $32.50 and can be done online at the Idaho State Parks and Recreation website.  Renewals can also be purchased online as well as registration of rental machines by businesses.  The fine for failing to register your snowmobile is $81.50, making it much more economical to register your machine for the season rather than get a ticket.  Registrations are valid between November 1st through October 31st of each year. 

     In addition to being properly registered, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office always recommends having proper supplies for emergencies, being avalanche aware, always paying attention to weather conditions, and making sure your loved ones know where you are riding and when you plan to return.  Doing so will greatly decrease the risk to you and those you snowmobile with in the event of an emergency.  Our Deputies want everyone to enjoy the amazing recreation Bonneville County and the surrounding areas offer safely. 

     Do safe things!