Hit and Run Crash results in Felony DUI arrest
Wed, 03/24/2021 – 09:36

Johnson, Kip L.
Johnson, Kip L.

March 24, 2021


RE: Hit and Run Crash results in Felony DUI arrest

     At approximately 4:30pm yesterday (March 23rd, 2021), Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies located 59 year old Kip L. Johnson of Shelley after he was reported to have been intoxicated and involved in a Hit and Run Crash near Sunnyside Rd. and Rollandet.  The reporting party advised Johnson struck a vehicle and a brief confrontation ensued over Johnson stating he had been drinking.  Johnson then drove away from the scene after a failed attempt by the reporting party to keep him there until officers arrived. 

     As Dispatch was broadcasting the details of the incident and a description of Johnson’s vehicle over the radio, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies located him near Sunnyside Rd. and 25th E. and attempted a traffic stop.  Johnson pulled his vehicle onto the sidewalk and stopped but refused repeated commands by Deputies to exit his vehicle.  At that time Johnson fled in his vehicle and was observed driving into the oncoming lanes of traffic. 

     More Deputies arrived in the area and were able to contain Johnson who became stuck behind traffic at the intersection of Ammon and Sunnyside Rd.  Again Johnson refused commands to exit his vehicle and Deputies had to physically remove him and put his vehicle in park to prevent further movement before he was secured in handcuffs.  At that time Deputies noted Johnson smelled very strongly of an alcoholic beverage as he continued to be uncooperative.

     Deputies transported Johnson to the hospital to obtain a sample of his blood as part of the DUI investigation and then subsequently to the Bonneville County Jail.  Mr. Johnson was booked for Felony Driving Under the Influence based on previous Felony and Misdemeanor DUI convictions, and Misdemeanor charges of Resisting and Obstructing, Driving Without Privileges, and Eluding a Police Officer.