Deputies working with ITD on Seat Belt Enforcement
Mon, 05/17/2021 – 16:26

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May 17, 202


RE:  Deputies working with ITD on Seat Belt Enforcement


     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has joined Law Enforcement from across Idaho and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Office of Highway Safety in placing extra resources on our roadway for Seat Belt Enforcement.  Now through the Memorial Day Weekend, ITD has provided grant monies to area Law Enforcement in order to put more patrol cars on Idaho’s roadways to enforce Seat Belt Violations.  For Bonneville County, this means extra Deputies on our roads for the next 2 weeks assigned specifically to watch for traffic and seat belt violations. 

     As we near what historically has been the 100 deadliest days of summer, Idaho has seen over 43 fatalities in the first 4 months of 2021.  Six of the 11 fatal crashes in April alone involved unrestrained motor vehicle occupants.  Many of these crashes may not have been fatal if seatbelts and safety systems in the involved vehicles had been utilized. 

     Our Deputies want everyone to be safe as they travel, whether it’s for work or play.  In utilizing this grant to place extra resources on high traffic areas of Bonneville County, we hope it serves as a reminder to wear your seatbelt and practice safe driving habits.  When you get behind the wheel, always remember to do safe things such as:

  1. Make paying attention to driving a priority
  2. Avoid distractions
  3. Always wear a seat belt
  4. Wear a helmet with riding a motorcycle

     Do safe things, so you’ve got time to enjoy your spring and summer.