Current Burn Ban Restrictions:
Wed, 07/07/2021 – 14:27

July 7, 2021


RE: Bonneville County Commissioners Issue Burn Ban

     On 7 July 2021 Bonneville County Commissioners issued a burn ban in Bonneville County. Due to higher-than-average temperatures and low moisture levels, the County Board of Commissioners determined the need to implement a burn ban. The purpose of the ban is to reduce the risk of wildfire and the damage it can bring to lives, property, and the economy.

     In addition to the burn ban the Board of Commissioners would like to remind everyone in the county to use safe practices with all fires and possible sources of ignition for wildfire. This includes not using fireworks, or exploding targets where prohibited, not parking hot vehicles in tall grass, and ensuring all campfires are completely extinguished before leaving them.

     The ban applies to all open burning except campfires built within an approved pit at improved campgrounds or picnic areas and smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle, building or developed recreation site. This ban will impact private property in the unincorporated sections of the County. This ban does not include State or Federal public lands in Bonneville County. Burn permits are required for agricultural burning, however when a burn ban is in place no permits will be issued.

Resolution #21-06 can be found HERE on the Bonneville County website.