Impaired Driving Mobilization
Thu, 07/01/2021 – 10:20

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July 1, 2021


RE:  Impaired Driving Mobilization

     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office joins area Law Enforcement and the Idaho Office of Highway Safety in a 2 week Impaired Driving Mobilization.  With the assistance of grant monies from the Office of Highway Safety, extra Deputies will be patrolling our area from today through July 15th focusing on intercepting impaired drivers. 

     In the first 6 months of 2021, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies alone have investigated more than 90 impaired driving cases.  Many of those involved vehicle crashes, reports from other motorists of erratic driving behavior, and suspects who had a history of previous DUI convictions.  Deputies also encountered a variety of substances causing impairment including the presence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and sometimes both. 

     As we go into the Independence Day weekend and people celebrate at various public and private events, Law Enforcement has historically seen an increase in impaired driving incidents.  East Idaho typically sees an increase of tourism and traffic for summer recreation or events as well.  This makes it even more important to avoid buzzed or intoxicated driving and to be extra watchful for those who make the terrible choice to drive when they shouldn’t.      

     Our Deputies and area Law Enforcement respond to reports of intoxicated drivers every day and do our best to intervene.  Many of the incidents our Deputies and area Law Enforcement have intercepted were the result of other motorists calling dispatch and helping get officers to the right place.  We encourage anyone who has knowledge or suspicion that someone may be intoxicated or impaired to report it to their local Law Enforcement and be a good witness. 

     Whatever your plans this weekend, take a moment and plan to celebrate responsibly so you can avoid the risks of impaired driving.  If you or someone you know has used a alcohol or an intoxicating substance, do the responsible thing and have a sober ride home.  Intervening before your friends or loved ones get behind the wheel of a vehicle, motorcycle, ATV or boat can potentially save their life and save them from the consequences of a DUI or related charge.