Man running in traffic arrested
Mon, 07/19/2021 – 11:34

Crumley, Spencer M. 071621
Crumley, Spencer M. 

July 19, 2021


RE:  Man running in traffic arrested


     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent just north of Idaho Falls to Mile Post 121 on I-15 last Friday morning (July 16th) at 3:30am to a traffic complaint.  Several callers reported a red SUV blocking both North bound lanes of I-15 and people in the roadway cutting back and forth between the North and South bound lanes of travel. 

     A Deputy arrived on scene, finding a red SUV parked across the lanes of travel in the wrong direction, covered in mud, with some visible damage, along with a male and female in the roadway.  At that time the male, later identified as 37 year old Spencer M. Crumley, was yelling and running across both sides of the interstate and through the median in front of traffic in the dark.  The female was also standing in the traffic lane and would not listen to commands from the Deputy to move to the side of the road before running across the lanes of travel.  Both Crumley and the female were exhibiting behavior the Deputy believed to be from drug use, as they were not communicating in a rational manner and had no concern for passing traffic.  At one point, both were running from the Deputy in the lanes of travel as a semi-truck and other traffic passed by at interstate speeds. 

     As more Deputies arrived and began blocking both sides of the Interstate, the Deputy was able to catch the female and secure her in handcuffs.  Mr. Crumley then went to the Deputy’s patrol car and tried repeatedly to get in despite it being locked.  Mr. Crumley continued to yell at random, making statements he was going to steal the patrol car as he was trying to punch the windows.  After multiple commands from the 2nd arriving Deputy, Crumley laid down on the ground and was taken into custody. 

     Deputies called for an ambulance to check both the female and Mr. Crumley as they were exhibiting side effects and symptoms of drug abuse.  The female was ultimately transported to the hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. 

     A short while later Deputies were able to re-open both sides of I-15 for traffic to resume safely.  During this time, Deputies discovered a No Contact Order in place from the courts preventing Mr. Crumley from being with the female.  While in route to the jail, Mr. Crumley kicked at the door and windows of the patrol car causing Deputies to stop and further restrain his legs for safety.  Upon arrival at the jail, Mr. Crumley was booked on a Felony charge of Attempted Grand Theft and Misdemeanor charges of Violating a No Contact Order and Resisting Arrest.