Disturbance leads to Felony DUI arrest
Mon, 08/02/2021 – 12:21

Box, Brian D.
Box, Brian D. 

August 2, 2021


RE:  Disturbance leads to Felony DUI arrest


     Just after 7:00pm last Friday night (July 30th), Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to a report of a disturbance at a residence in the 110th E. block of 145th N. (N. County Line Rd.) near Ririe.  While Deputies were in route, dispatch advised an intoxicated man had been at the residence making threats but was now leaving toward Ririe in his vehicle.  A Deputy was able to locate the suspect getting into his vehicle at the Chevron Station in Ririe and initiated a traffic stop. 

     Deputies identified the man as 63 year old Brian D. Box, and as they spoke with him he exhibited several signs of impairment, admitting he had “too much” to drink.  During this time Mr. Box was yelling and refused to participate in Field Sobriety Testing.  Deputies attempted to detain Mr. Box, who tried to pull away and was not responsive to commands while he was being placed in handcuffs.  After a brief struggle, Deputies had to physically lift Mr. Box into the back seat of a patrol car because he refused to sit down.      

     Mr. Box was given the opportunity to take a breath test but refused.  Deputies then obtained a warrant from a judge for a sample of Mr. Box’s blood, which was collected at the Idaho Falls Community Hospital.  During this time Deputies discovered Mr. Box was on Felony Probation for previous convictions for DUI and contacted his Probation Officer.   Mr. Box provided a breath sample at the Probation Officer’s request, which showed a level of intoxication at more than twice the legal limit.

     Mr. Box was then transported to the Bonneville County Jail where hew as booked for Felony Driving Under the Influence and Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest.