Wanted man arrested for trying to cash fake checks
Mon, 08/02/2021 – 13:20

Christensen, Dustin J.
Christensen, Dustin J. 

August 2, 2021


RE:  Wanted man arrested for trying to cash fake checks


     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies located a wanted man last Friday night (July 30th) while investigating a fraudulent check case.  Around 7:30pm Deputies received a report from a man who was attempting to help his friend, 25 year old Dustin Christensen, cash some checks.  Apparently Mr. Christensen asked for help cashing several checks because he had lost his Identification.  The man had been friends with Christensen in the past and was trying to help him out, but discovered the checks were fake and felt suspicious about what he had been told.  Christensen apparently told the man to cash the checks with the largest amount first and work his way down, advising that his “boss” would put the reporting party’s name on them instead of his own.  While obtaining the details from the Reporting Party, Deputies found that Mr. Christensen was also wanted by the Idaho Falls Police Department on an active Felony Warrant for Forgery and Burglary.

     Deputies learned Mr. Christensen was waiting for the reporting party in the Fred Meyer parking lot, and were able to locate him driving through the lot when they arrived.  As Deputies attempted a traffic stop, Mr. Christensen drove over a sidewalk and out on to Northgate Mile in an attempt to avoid them.  A Deputy followed Mr. Christensen with his lights and siren on until he finally stopped at a red light in traffic at Holmes Ave.  Deputies were able to pull in front and behind Mr. Christensen to prevent him from continuing to drive away.   

     Mr. Christensen was taken into custody at that time without incident.  When asked about the checks given to the reporting party, Christensen denied having any knowledge of them.  A search of Christensen’s vehicle however, produced several more fraudulent checks the same as what was turned over to Deputies by the reporting party earlier. 

     Christensen was then transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked on the outstanding Felony Warrant from the Idaho Falls Police Department.  Mr. Christensen was also booked for a new Felony charge of Forging, Passing or Publishing Fictitious Checks.