Suspect in Assault arrested after Pursuit
Tue, 09/07/2021 – 13:30

September 7, 2021


RE:  Suspect in Assault arrested after Pursuit


    Just after 7pm last night, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the Ammon Division were sent to a report of an Assault taking place at the Hit The Road Gas Station near 25th E. and Sunnyside Rd.  Deputies were advised a possibly intoxicated man, later identified as 33 year old Ryan David Chambliss of Everett, Washington, had been making verbal threats toward customers and trying to punch them.  Before Deputies arrived, callers indicated Chambliss was leaving the store in a white van headed North on 25th E. 

     An arriving Deputy to the area located the van and initiated a traffic stop in the parking lot of the Stinker Station at 17th St. and 25th E.  Chambliss exited the van and began yelling at the Deputy and would not acknowledge commands to stop and get on the ground.  As a second Deputy arrived, Chambliss fled on foot around buildings and areas in the parking lot, eventually getting back in the driver seat of the van.  During this time, a Deputy deployed a Taser in an attempt to subdue him but it did not connect.  Deputies briefly attempted to prevent Chambliss from driving away, but could not do so safely without being struck by the van.

     Mr. Chambliss led Deputies through the Target parking lot and on to 25th E., where he was observed running traffic lights and almost striking another vehicle.  A Deputy was able to utilize the PIT maneuver in an attempt to stop the van’s movement, but Chambliss was able to continue driving and intentionally crashed head on with another patrol car.  A second PIT maneuver was completed on the van, and again Chambliss was able to continue driving.  Deputies observed Mr. Chambliss running traffic lights and reaching speeds over 50MPH despite having at least one deflated tire that was coming apart and flinging debris away from the van. 

     As Chambliss approached the roundabout at Lincoln Rd., a Deputy was able to get in front and partially block traffic entering the intersection to help avoid a collision with uninvolved motorists.  After exiting the roundabout the Deputy again attempted the PIT maneuver, this time causing the van to leave the roadway and into the gutter.  A Deputy and an Idaho Falls Police Officer arriving to the area used their patrol cars to block the van’s movement in the front and the driver side. 

     Chambliss then exited the van carrying a sword, swinging it toward Deputies and Idaho Falls Police Officers.  As Chambliss began running toward Costco with the sword, officers attempted to subdue him with Tasers but he continued to run toward the store.  A K-9 Deputy on scene released his dog, who was able to bite Chambliss on the arm causing him to fall to the ground and drop the sword allowing Officers to take him into custody. 

     Idaho Falls Fire was dispatched to the scene and Deputies accompanied Mr. Chambliss in the ambulance to the hospital for treatment.  Two Deputies who collided with the van were later taken to the hospital to be checked for minor injuries.  A total of 3 Bonneville County patrol cars and at least 1 Idaho Falls patrol car were damaged during the incident and there were no other injuries to bystanders or property. 

     Currently Mr. Chambliss is being guarded by Deputies at the hospital while he undergoes treatment for injuries.  After being cleared from the hospital, Chambliss will be transferred to the Bonneville County Jail and booked for Aggravated Assault, Eluding, and Driving Under the Influence.