Lightapolooza – Ammon Light Parade
Thu, 12/02/2021 – 14:49

parade map

This Saturday evening the City of Ammon is hosting the Lightapolooza parade of lights starting at 6pm.  Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies with the Ammon Division, Ammon Fire, and City of Ammon Public Works will be working hard to safely secure the parade route and close several intersections during the event.  Streets along the parade route will begin closing in various areas after 5:30pm and will reopen as soon as possible when the parade is finished.  This year’s event will consist of more than 40 entries that start at the intersection of Eagle Dr. and Sunnyside Rd., go East to Ammon Rd., North to 17th St., West to Midway, then South to McCowin park where more lighting and santa events will take place followed by a fireworks display. 


     Everyone involved with Lightapolooza is working hard to have a safe, smooth, and efficient event for everyone to enjoy.  To help accomplish that we recommend and advise the following:


  1. Wherever you choose to set up to view the parade, do these things:
    1. Arrive in enough time prior to street closures to park in designated parking areas or on side streets that do not disrupt traffic flows, block intersections, or driveways
    2. Respect private property, both residential and businesses and do not block access or leave a mess behind. 
    3. Stay out of the street and away from float entries, participants that hand out candy will bring it to the roadside so kids and adults are clear and out of the way of moving vehicles.
  2. Obey traffic control devices, road closed signs, emergency and city vehicles blocking intersections, and personnel directing traffic at all times
    1. Expect delays in traffic before and after the parade and plan to be patient during that time
    2. Traffic control and road closures are in place to keep people safe and be as efficient as possible as the parade carries through to its end.
    3. Respect private driveways, sidewalks, and yards along the parade route that may be blocked or closed for safety or for the free access of the property owners.  DO NOT expect that you will not get towed away if you are momentarily occupying an area that has been closed off, you are parked illegally, or blocking a street, alley or driveway.
  3. Be patient
    1. Drivers should pay close attention and expect extra pedestrian traffic
    2. Pedestrians should stay off the street and utilize sidewalks, cross walks, and intersections as well as taking extra care around moving vehicles.


     Ultimately this event delays traffic for only a few hours in the evening, but very much worth it to celebrate the holidays and bring our community together.  Enjoy the event safely and help others do the same.  Don’t forget to dress for the weather!


Parade route and information can be found here: