Man arrested for Sexual Battery of minors and Enticing Children
Mon, 03/14/2022 – 16:02

Crow, Jared Michael
Crow, Jared Michael

March 14, 2022


RE:  Man arrested for Sexual Battery of minors and Enticing Children


     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a 22-year-old Ammon man last week after an investigation into his contact with multiple teenage victims.  On Wednesday March 9th, Thunder Ridge High School Administration and the on-duty SRO Deputy received a report that Jared M. Crow had been engaging in inappropriate online communication with multiple teenage victims.  After seeing Mr. Crow at the school as a visiting guest speaking to a class of students that day, victims were concerned about his presence on school grounds and went to school administration.    

     Deputies interviewed victims who identified Mr. Crow as previously contacting them through the internet and social media, ultimately engaging in conversation that was sexual in nature.  Through investigation Deputies found conversation between Mr. Crow and the victims ultimately revealed the exchange of nude pictures, vaping devices, and alcohol as well as sexual activity.  These conversations had taken place online over the past year and identified locations where Mr. Crow would meet.  On at least two occasions, sexual activity had occurred between Mr. Crow and two separate victims.  The investigation also revealed Mr. Crow as a suspect in a similar case reported to the Idaho Falls Police Department in June of last year. 

     An investigation into Mr. Crow’s presence that day at Thunder Ridge High School revealed no connection to the activities reported by victims to school staff, other than a concern for his presence on school grounds due to his previous behavior.  Thunder Ridge H.S. administration took immediate steps to prevent further access to school grounds by Mr. Crow. 

     On Friday March 11th Deputies located and detained Mr. Crow on a vehicle stop after obtaining a warrant for his arrest.  Deputies also served a search warrant at Mr. Crow’s residence in Ammon collecting potential evidence related to this case.  Crow was transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked for three Felony counts of Enticing Children Through the Internet, a Felony count of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under 10, and a Felony count of Sexual Battery of a Minor 16-17 Years of Age.  




Bonneville School District 93 Statement:

On Friday, March 11th, Jared Crow, a 2018 graduate of Hillcrest High School student and former member of the US military, was invited to speak to Military History classes at Thunder Ridge High School. As a student, Mr. Crow had taken Military History from the same teacher at Hillcrest High School. A review of the Idaho sex offender registry did not provide any records that would prohibit Mr. Crow from visiting schools. While visiting Thunder Ridge, Mr. Crow was under the supervision of the administration or the teacher and no students were at risk during his visit. However, after his visit, two students reported concerning information to the school administration about contact they had with Mr. Crow in the previous months. This information was promptly reported to the school resource officer, who is a deputy with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office. These reports have led to charges being filed against Mr. Crow. 

We are committed to ensuring that every student feels safe in our schools and are grateful for the courage of the students who reported their concerns to the school administration.  We encourage our students and staff to continue to be vigilant and to report any concerns to a trusted adult in their school. Students, parents,  and staff members can also report concerns anonymously by going to or texting @GetHelp to 855-528-0074.