Woman arrested after fighting with hospital staff and trying to take Deputy’s firearm
Wed, 03/02/2022 – 08:47

March 2, 2022



RE: Woman arrested after fighting with hospital staff and trying to take Deputy’s firearm

Suspect:  Megan R. Avery, 32 of Idaho Falls

Booking photo unavailable


     Just after 7pm last night Deputies were called to a disturbance involving an intoxicated female at a residence in the 7000 E. block of Foothill Rd.   The reporting party advised 32-year-old Megan Avery was out of control and possibly using drugs.  Deputies arrived and requested Idaho Falls Fire respond with an ambulance crew to treat Ms. Avery for a possible drug overdose.  Ms. Avery was transported to Idaho Falls Community Hospital (IFCH) by ambulance at that time to be evaluated. 

     While at IFCH, it was evident that Ms. Avery was experiencing a variety of side effects to an intoxicating substance causing her to hallucinate and exhibit irrational behavior dangerous to herself and others.  Just before midnight, Avery attempted to run from her room and had to be restrained.  During this time Avery began to physically fight with ER staff and a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to hospital security, by hitting, kicking, and trying to bite.  At one point Ms. Avery twisted the collar and stethoscope of an ER nurse around their neck causing a minor injury and cutting off the airway until others could force her hand to let go. 

     As the struggle continued and staff was trying to keep Ms. Avery from hitting and biting them, she was able to free a hand and attempt to remove the Deputy’s firearm from its holster.  The Deputy was working to keep the firearm secured in the holster and gave commands to Avery to let it go while attempting to physically remove her grip.  The Deputy was able to free himself from Ms. Avery but sustained a minor back injury in the struggle.    

     Ms. Avery continued to fight and struggle for more than 15 minutes until sedation medication took effect and she calmed down.  After a medical clearance was completed, Ms. Avery was transported to the Bonneville County Jail and booked for Battery Upon Certain Personnel and Attempting to Disarm a Peace Officer, both Felonies.  While at the jail, Deputies located over 2 grams of suspected Methamphetamine in Ms. Avery’s clothing.  Throughout the morning Ms. Avery continued her violent behavior, physically fighting with Deputies at the jail who were attempting to keep her safe from injuring herself and others.    

     Deputies and medical staff are continuing to monitor Ms. Avery to keep her safe until they can complete the booking process.