Wanted man arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine
Wed, 04/20/2022 – 08:28

Glover, Justin Levi
Glover, Justin Levi

April 20, 2022


RE:  Wanted man arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine


     A Bonneville County Deputy encountered a wanted man overnight who was found to be in possession of Methamphetamine.  The man, 39 year old Justin Levi Glover, was walking on E. 1st St. just after midnight this morning when a Deputy spotted him.  The Deputy was already aware Glover was wanted on three separate Misdemeanor Warrants relating to previous drug offenses when he pulled up and initiated contact with him.  As the Deputy gave Glover commands to stop, he began walking faster in an apparent attempt to get away, however after a brief struggle he was placed in handcuffs and secured. 

     While being transported to the jail, Mr. Glover advised the Deputy he had a small baggie of Marijuana hidden on his person and he did not want to get caught taking it into the jail.  The Deputy searched Glover again but did not locate any contraband.  The Deputy then checked the back seat of the patrol car where Glover was sitting and observed shards of Methamphetamine.  A partially ripped bag of Methamphetamine, later found to be just over 3 grams, was also found stuffed under the seat cushion.  When asked, Glover admitted to the Deputy the Methamphetamine came from him and was what he thought to be Marijuana. 

     Mr. Glover was then booked into jail on the three outstanding Misdemeanor Warrants with additional Felony charges for Possession of Methamphetamine and Destruction of Evidence.