July 18, 2022


RE:  Aggressive Driving Mobilization


     Starting today and through the end of July, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies will be participating in an Aggressive Driving Mobilization in conjunction with the Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) and Law Enforcement from across the state.  Utilizing funds from OHS, extra Deputies are tasked to high traffic areas where they can focus on and enforce Aggressive Driving through the next couple weeks.  Because most crashes our Deputies respond to involve Speed, Inattention, and Aggressive Driving, we feel it’s important to educate and remind motorists to obey traffic laws and make safe driving a priority. 


     Currently we are in the middle of what’s known as the 100 deadliest days of summer, a time where fatality crashes are at their highest.  Bonneville County is no stranger to this as our Deputies and surrounding Law Enforcement have investigated numerous fatality and serious injury crashes, several of which involved intoxicated or aggressive driving behavior.  Historically, severe injuries and risk from being involved in these types of crashes could have been avoided had seat belts been used and traffic laws were obeyed. 


     Speed limits and traffic control devices are in place for the safe and effective flow of the motoring public.  It’s very easy to get behind the wheel, get in a hurry, get distracted, and forget that you’re putting your self and others at risk.  The best way to lessen your risk and be safe every time you drive:


  1. Always wear your seatbelt or a helmet when riding a motorcycle
  2. Make paying attention to your driving a priority
  3. Slow down and obey traffic laws
  4. Never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or using intoxicating substances


     Doing these 4 things will always put you in the safest situation for your travels, whether it’s across town to work or on your family vacation.