Ghan, Jordan Lee

July 5, 2022


RE: Man arrested for Felony Eluding


     An 18 year old Bonneville County man was arrested after fleeing from a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy Sunday afternoon (July 3rd).  The man, identified as 18 year old Jordan Lee Ghan, was driving a black sports car with no front bumper or license plate west on E. Lincoln Rd. near 25th E. when he came up behind a Deputy traveling in the same direction.  The Deputy observed the vehicle do an immediate U-turn and quickly accelerated away reaching speeds over 90 MPH.  As the Deputy attempted to stop the vehicle, it was observed swerving in and out of traffic squeezing between vehicles in a small gap at N. Ammon Rd. before proceeding South bound.  Due to safety concerns the Deputy disengaged his attempt to stop the vehicle, observing it pass traffic at a high rate of speed in the median putting other motorists at risk. 

     An Idaho State Police Officer in the area observed the same behavior and advised Deputies the vehicle was last seen turning into Mobile Home Estates off 1st St.  Deputies searching the area located the vehicle parked and unoccupied near N. Eve and Adam Dr.  After contacting the registered owner, Deputies were advised Mr. Ghan should be the only person driving it.  The vehicle owner was able to contact Ghan by phone who emerged from a residence a few blocks away.  Ghan denied he had been driving the vehicle, telling Deputies he had been at the residence for a while and a friend could vouch for him.  However, Deputies were able to confirm with the occupants of the residence that Ghan had just arrived moments before and it was unusual for him to park several blocks away and walk to the residence. 

     Mr. Ghan was placed under arrest and transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked for Felony Eluding.