Williams, Carolelynn                                                   Williams, Thomas R. 

September 12, 2022


RE:  Two arrested after Deputy struck in the face


     Two adults were arrested Sunday evening (Sept. 11) after battering a Deputy who was called to keep the peace.  The reporting party, 55 year old Carolelynn Williams, called for Deputies to respond because people were removing items from her property.  Deputies arrived and were told by Ms. Williams her daughter and son-in-law were there to remove their property, but the situation had escalated to a verbal disturbance.  Ms. Williams requested the Deputy stand by while her daughter finished loading up their belongings to keep the peace. 


     During this time, Ms. Williams continually tried to engage in a verbal argument with her daughter.  As the Deputy was trying to keep both parties calm, Ms. Williams grabbed the Deputy by the arm and pulled him away in an attempt at keeping him from talking to the daughter.  Ms. Williams told the Deputy at that time she had a gun and would use it against anyone who came on her property.    


     30 year old Thomas R. Williams, son to Ms. Williams, walked into the scene and was aggressing quickly toward the daughter.  Ms. Williams was yelling at Thomas, telling him to engage in a physical fight with the daughter, which caused the Deputy to step in front of him to prevent an altercation.  As the Deputy put his arm out and gave repeated commands to stop, Thomas attempted walked directly into it and tried to push past.  As Thomas was being given repeated commands to stop, he struck the Deputy in the face.  Thomas was then handcuffed and secured in a patrol car. 


     Deputies continued attempts to keep Ms. Williams separate from the daughter to prevent further argument so she could finish loading and leave.  During that time Ms. Williams received a phone call, telling the person on the other end to bring their gun and come to the residence.  Ms. Williams told the person on the phone “I’m going to get my gun right now” and began moving quickly toward the residence.  Out of concern for the safety of everyone on scene, Ms. Williams was given commands to stop but she refused.  The Deputy had to physically take Ms. Williams by the arm and place her on the ground to get her secured in handcuffs and prevent further escalation of the incident.


     Thomas and Carolelynn Williams were both transported to the Bonneville County Jail and booked for Misdemeanor charges of Battery Upon Certain Personnel and Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Assault or Battery.  The Deputy was not injured as a result of being struck in the face.