Wiley, Cameron Eugene
Wiley, Cameron Eugene

January 24, 2023


RE:  Jail Walk Away Arrested for Eluding Deputies


     Late Sunday evening (Jan. 22nd), Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies notified area Law Enforcement that 24 year old Cameron Eugene Wiley had cut his ankle monitor off and was unable to be reached.  Wiley had been on court ordered house arrest with an ankle monitor through the Bonneville County Jail that related to prior Felony Drug and Theft charges.  Early Monday morning (Jan. 23rd), Idaho Falls Police Officers notified area Law Enforcement of a stolen vehicle taken off Lindsay Blvd. over night and believed Mr. Wiley to be the suspect. 

     Just before 9am, a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy from the Ammon Division spotted Mr. Wiley driving the stolen vehicle near 17th St. and Curlew Dr. and attempted to stop it.  Wiley eluded the Deputy through the neighborhood at a high rate of speed, running several stop signs.  For safety reasons, Deputies discontinued pursuit of Wiley on 17th St. near 25th E. as he ran a stop light in heavy traffic.  Approximately 20 minutes later, an Idaho Falls Police Officer spotted Wiley in the stolen vehicle on Broadway near Yellowstone.  The Officer also attempted to stop Wiley but quickly discontinued for safety as Wiley immediately accelerated to high speeds through a heavy traffic and the adjacent neighborhood. 

     At approximately 10:10am, Wiley was again spotted by a Deputy in the stolen vehicle traveling on 17th St. in Ammon.  The Deputy followed Wiley west on 17th St. with traffic while attempting to guide more officers to the area.  As Wiley turned off 17th St. into a neighborhood off Nixon Dr., the Deputy observed him trying to turn around in a driveway near a dead-end street and used his patrol car to block him in against a snowbank.  Mr. Wiley ignored verbal commands from the Deputy and exited the vehicle fleeing on foot. 

     As the Deputy gave chase, more officers responded to the area and dispatch was notified to lock down a nearby school at 12th and Hoopes for safety.  After a taser deployment the foot pursuit, Deputies apprehended Wiley and took him into custody near 12th St. and Nixon Dr.  Syringes used for injecting narcotics were found in Mr. Wiley’s possession and he admitted to Deputies he had been using Methamphetamine several hours earlier. 

     Wiley was transported to the Bonneville County Jail where he was booked for Felony Eluding and Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest.  Mr. Wiley was also booked for Felony Escape related to cutting his ankle monitor off.  Malicious Injury to Property Charges are still pending for destroying the ankle monitor as well as charges relating to the Stolen Vehicle being investigated by the Idaho Falls Police Department.