February 10, 2023

RE:  Educate yourself about the Fentanyl Crisis

     The fatal grip Fentanyl has had on our Country continues to make an impact in Idaho and in Bonneville County.  Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies have responded to an increasing number of incidents involving this poison causing a path of destruction in the form of creating victims of criminal activity, violence, and sadly the tearing apart of families.  Instances of First Responders utilizing Narcan to save someone’s life is not slowing down and are often-times requiring multiple doses.  It’s sad the lethality of this Fentanyl problem has made it such that our schools, churches, and other public places stock a supply of Narcan along-side basic first aid kits in the event of an emergency.  


     While we do the best we can, working with our Law Enforcement partners locally, statewide, and nationally, it’s clear the sources driving this demand have no regard for human life, decency, or freedom.  We know United States border policies are being taken advantage of by cartels based in Mexico and terrorists from outside our country who only thrive weakening our Nation and lining their pockets with money.  Sadly, addiction and greed hit too close to home and help fuel this demand leaving that path of destruction.  


     Over the last several years, resources in Idaho have increased by leaps and bounds with recovery programs and mental health services.  Those avenues need to continue growing in effectiveness and ability.  At the same time, our community needs to continue educating themselves about the effects of substance abuse and dangers of it infiltrating our community, especially with regards to Fentanyl.  We do our best to educate and inform everyone about these issues and the parameters of the law we are bound to work within, however outside forces are continuing attempts to weaken our drug laws, misinform you of the facts, and ignore the effect and damage that’s being done to our great community.  

     Despite their efforts the Federal Government has failed to secure our nation from hostile drug traffickers who attack with impunity both civilians and law enforcement in Mexico and the United States. I add my voice with other Sheriffs throughout the United States asking for the United States Congress to declare the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartels (CJNG) as terrorist organizations and empower the United States Military to target and neutralize their drug and human trafficking operations where they find them and bring the cartels to justice for the hundreds of thousands of deaths they are responsible for. Our southern border is controlled; controlled by hostile drug traffickers who victimize all they come into contact with.


     As your Bonneville County Sheriff, it’s my duty to protect this great community, uphold the Constitution, and enforce the laws created by our legislature.  In doing so, our team does its best to inform our elected leaders of these issues and show them firsthand what works to combat the issues and what damage is being done.  We do our best to point out the victimization that affects our society on all levels.  We encourage our community to make the effort to accurately educate yourselves and engage with your elected Citizen Legislators so they can understand the full picture of what you are seeing.


     The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has always been humbled by the support of our community.  I call upon each of the citizens of Bonneville County to educate yourself to the threat we are all facing. Contact your Federal and State Representatives and ask them to do more to help us fight the drug cartels that are harming our people and the people of Mexico. We are proud to serve this community and dedicated to keeping it from going the way of other cities and states who refuse to take this problem seriously.  


Bonneville County Sheriff

Samuel M. Hulse