February 27, 2023


RE:  Speed and Aggressive Driving Mobilization


     Now through March 11th, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is participating with Law Enforcement around the state and the Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) in mobilizing Deputies on our roadways to intercept Aggressive Drivers.  With the assistance of grant funds from OHS, extra Deputies will be patrolling high traffic areas specifically looking for motorists who are exceeding the posted speed limit or driving aggressively.  Speed and a lack of attention to traffic laws and safe driving habits are a factor in almost every crash our Deputies respond to.  Because many of these crashes could have been prevented, it’s important to remind drivers how important it is to make safe driving a priority. 

     Traffic laws are in place for the safe and efficient flow of traffic, here are a few reminders for motorists:


1 – Make paying attention to you driving a priority; avoid distractions

2 – Obey the speed limit, especially in school zones; remember – schools = pedestrians, crossing guards, school busses, heavier traffic

3 – Traffic Control Devices; they’re on signals, signs, and painted on the ground – look for them, don’t ignore them

4 – Stop or Yield Appropriately; yield signs require you to significantly slow down and yield the right of way to ALL oncoming lanes of traffic

5 – Clear ALL of your window of snow, frost, and ice; have the best possibly visibility in bad weather and low visibility conditions

6 – ALWAYS wear your seatbelt; take advantage of the safety systems in your vehicle for your own protection

7 – NEVER drive after consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances; buzzed driving is drunk driving – plan for a safe ride


     Crashes can be expensive, not to mention the added costs and trauma from injuries that may be associated with them.  Building safe driving habits into your routine can significantly reduce your risk.  Do your part to set a good example and keep those around you safe.