RE:  Drive sober this holiday weekend


     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies are participating with other Law Enforcement Agencies around the state and the Idaho Office of Highway Safety through the St. Patrick’s Day weekend to intercept intoxicated drivers.  A large number of crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries also involve impaired drivers.  As many are planning celebrations for this holiday weekend, our Deputies want to remind everyone to include a safe sober way home as part of those plans. 

     Aside from planning to have a sober driver at your celebration, if you find yourself without that option there are still a number of taxi and transportation services in our area available to use.  Deputies can’t stress enough the importance of taking the safe option, even when you feel like you are ok to get behind the wheel.  Of the impaired driving crashes Law Enforcement respond to, a large number of them involve drivers who hadn’t had much to drink or feel like they’ve waited long enough for substances to leave their system.  This is often referred to as “buzzed” driving, and give people a false sense that they’re not too impaired to drive. 

     If you plan to celebrate, take a moment to include a safe ride home or a sober driver and celebrate responsibly.  Don’t take a chance at getting behind the wheel if you’ve used any amount of alcohol or intoxicating substances.  If you suspect someone is driving under the influence, you can always call your local Law Enforcement or *ISP to make a report.  Deputies recommend being a good witness first and helping guide Law Enforcement to the area of concern to intervene and prevent further danger to the public. 

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