April 7th, 2023

RE: Distracted Driving Patrols
     Now through April 19th, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is participating with Law Enforcement from around the state and the Idaho Office of Highway Safety putting extra patrols on our streets looking for distracted drivers. Distracted driving is too often a common factor in a number of crashes our Deputies respond to.  Many of which result in severe or fatal injuries and could have potentially been prevented.  
     Warmer temperatures and the holiday weekend mean more motorists on our roads.  This includes motorcycles and vehicles pulling trailers. It also means more temporary Construction Zones while crews repair potholes and begin major construction projects.  These things make it more important than ever to make paying attention to your driving a priority at all times. 
     Take a moment to plan ahead and avoid distractions from your mobile devices, and anything else happening in your vehicles that could cause you to take your eyes off the road.  When you see Orange Construction Signs or Emergency Lights slow down and expect that extra cars and people may be in the roadway and you may need to divert or take a detour.  Doing so can lessen your risk and prevent unnecessary crashes.