July 22nd, 2023

RE: Aggressive Driving Mobilization
     Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies are participating with Law Enforcement across the state and the Idaho Office of Highway Safety in an Aggressive Driving Mobilization. Funds provided by the Office of Highway Safety will put more Deputies on our roadway looking for and intercepting Aggressive Drivers.   The purpose of this mobilization is to educate motorists of the risks when safe driving habits are not used, especially during the 100 deadliest days of summer when Idaho sees the most fatal and serious injury crashes. 
    Make paying attention to your driving a priority at all times and avoid distractions.  Watch for and obey traffic control devices posted on sign posts and painted on the street. Plan ahead and avoid being in too big a hurry to get to your destination, and absolutely do not get behind the wheel if you’re been drinking of using drugs.  
     For more information of Aggressive Driving and safe driving information go to www.shift-idaho.org. Set the example for others and commit to safe driving today!