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Bonneville County Jail

The Bonneville County Jail is operated by the Detention Division of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho Falls, ID.

The top priority for Detention Deputies working in the Bonneville County Jail is the safety and security of the public, jail staff, and inmates. To accomplish this, Detention Deputies operate under a sound policy of procedures and professional standards ensuring the best jail practices. Operations at the jail include Medical and Food Services staff, Work Release and Work Detail programs, and the Wood Pilot Problem-Solving Court Program.

The Detention team covers a wide variety of duties to keep operations safe and efficient. They are an integral part of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office that work together with the rest of our team serving the community. This location of the Bonneville County Jail opened in November 1998 with an original 284-bed capacity. It has since expanded over time to a current operational capacity of 533 beds.

In 2009 the Bonneville County jail became the home for the newly developed Wood Pilot Project, a problem-solving court rehabilitation program. The program was designed for convicted offenders to receive treatment and services for substance abuse and mental health issues while still being close to their families in local communities.

At the same time, the Work Release facility was expanded allowing more opportunity for inmates to maintain employment while going through the judicial process. The Work Detail Program was also expanded to allow qualifying inmates, under the supervision of a Deputy, to maintain county facilities and work on projects for various non-profit and charitable entities in the area.

These programs promote and maintain productive activities, employment, as well as rehabilitation for those struggling with substance abuse.

The list of inmates housed inside the Bonneville County Jail is updated periodically throughout the day. The nature of our records system does not allow for more information, such as exact charges or bond amounts, to be published on this page. For information about a particular inmate, contact a Detention Deputy at 208-529-1315.

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