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Bonding Information

If you would like to help an inmate post bond you have to know if the bond is a surety bond or a cash bond.

A surety bond will allow you to use the services of a Bail Bondsman to post the bond for a monetary fee.

A cash bond requires that the entire bond amount be paid in cash only. Cashier checks and money orders will be accepted for a cash bond as well.

  • If the bond is a surety bond or cash bond you have the choice of using the services of the bondsman or paying the entire bond in cash.
  • A $10.00 Sheriff’s Bond fee is attached to each bond. This must be paid separate from the money for the bond charge and must be paid with exact change.

(Example: A person is charged with a DUI. The bond is a surety or cash bond in the amount of $500.00. The bond can be paid in cash, $500.00, or go through a bondsman, for the DUI and an additional $10.00 for the Sheriffs Bond fee.)

Notice Regarding Cash Bonds

If you have just posted a cash bond in order for you or someone else to be released from jail, the bond you have posted is not a payment for a fine to resolve the charges for which you were arrested. The money or “bond” you have paid is a monetary guarantee by you for the person bonded to appear in court on the date the Jail has given you. You must appear on that specified date. Failure to appear in court is a violation of Idaho Code Sec. 19-3901A, and is punishable by a fine of up to $300 00 and up to 6 months in Jail. If you fail to appear in court on the specified date, you will forfeit the money or “bond” you have posted today; you will be charged with a violation of Idaho Code Sec. 19-3901 A; the court will issue a warrant for your arrest; and you will be made to stand trial on that charge.

Additionally, you will still be required to stand trial on the charges for which you have just been arrested. Therefore, please be in court on the date you have been given.

Once your case is resolved, the cash bond you have just posted may be taken and applied as payment for all costs uncured and fines imposed. Idaho Code Sec. 19-2923, authorizes the court to take the cash bond posted, by either you or someone on your behalf, and allow that amount of the bond to be applied as payment for the fines and all costs incurred as a result of the criminal case filed against you.