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Mail to Inmates

Mailing Address

Each Envelope must be addressed to the inmate as follows:

Bonneville County Jail

(Full Inmate Name) ID # (Inmate ID #)

P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131



*Inmate ID # – is a unique number provided to each inmate at the time of booking. If you do not know the Inmate ID # you can call the jail directly and speak with a Deputy: 208-529-1315

*Any mail items, other than legal mail or books/magazines (see #4), sent to inmates at the 605 North Capital or 900 Environmental Way address will not be accepted and returned to sender.

All mail correspondence to inmates will be scanned and delivered digitally to the inmate’s account on the Viapath Technologies tablets by “Earth Class”, a mail processing company. There is no cost to the inmate and the mail item(s) will remain on their Viapath Technology account indefinitely. Additionally, mail items that would be denied based on crayons, sticker,s and other substance concerns may be approved for viewing as long as the item falls within other safety and security content guidelines.

All correspondence will continue to be reviewed by jail staff and may be denied based on content violating safety and security guidelines. If any part of a mail item is denied based on safety and security concerns, the entire mail item will be denied, based on how the mail item is scanned into the system as a single piece of mail.

It is strongly recommended that no item of monetary or sentimental value be mailed to the inmates. All mail items received by Earth Class will be retained for ninety (90) days and then destroyed. The inmate may request a mail item be returned but must do so by contacting a Viapath representative within the allotted time by emailing [email protected]. Any mail item(s) that are requested for return must be sent to an address other than the jail.

Additional information about mail services is available by calling Viapath Technology’s (Telmate) customer care line at 1-866-516-0115.