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Specialty Teams

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responds to a variety of calls for service and emergencies across the 1900 square miles of Bonneville County. To be as effective and efficient as possible, we utilize several different Specialty Teams, equipped and trained to respond to any situation. Teams are made up of Deputies from across the entire agency who have interest and skills specializing in each discipline, often overlapping with each other, and working together for effectiveness and efficiency. We are fortunate to have a supportive community that recognizes the benefit of training and growing these teams to keep them safe. The evolution of technology to assist us in doing our job better helps us keep up with the growth and evolution of our community, which ultimately ensures Bonneville County will continue to be a great place to live.

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Deputies assigned to various full-time duties may also belong to the SWAT Team for emergency and high-risk situations. Utilizing specialty tools, tactics, and training, the team helps keep dangerous and violent situations contained as much as possible while working toward solutions to make things safe.

This team is made of up Detention Deputies who can respond to incidents inside the Bonneville County Jail where people are in danger. With specialty tools, tactics, and training, the team works toward containing and securing any area that compromises the safety of visitors, inmates, and staff.

The Bomb Squad is a multi-agency team consisting of Deputies from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho Falls Police Department. The team is equipped with the training, technology, and resources to handle hazardous or explosive materials and responds to situations in the entire region as necessary.

With two large reservoirs, the Snake River, and a multitude of agricultural canals and waterways incidents in our county alone, the Aquatic Rescue Team – or DIVE Team – is equipped with training and resources to respond to rescue and recovery incidents in the water. This team works with neighboring agencies in times of need and has tools and technology that aids the quick search and rescue of people in the water. The team can be activated at a moment’s notice and responds to water emergencies year-round.

With the advancement of technology, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has been fortunate to obtain several pieces of Drone equipment and train Deputies in its use. The Drone Team is utilized on tactical, search and rescue, and crime scene incidents here and in neighboring agencies.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office has been using K-9s on patrol for more than three decades. Currently four K-9’s partner with their Patrol Deputy handlers as certified drug sniffing, apprehension, and article search dogs. These teams are integral in locating illegal drugs and getting them off the streets in addition to the safe apprehension of dangerous criminals.
To help cover residential areas and parks in Ammon, Iona, and the surrounding area, many of our Deputies are utilized on the Bike Team. This team is a valuable tool for large community events as well and a great way to interact with our community
Over 20 years ago the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard Team was formed, consisting of Deputies from all assignments. This team is utilized for area flag presentations and ceremonies and assists with Law Enforcement Honors at funerals and memorials for fallen Public Safety and Military Officers. The members of this team understand the honor and duty in presenting our nation’s colors with the utmost respect and professionalism, whether its for a community sports event, civic function, or memorial service. These Deputies are proud to represent the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office in honoring fallen heroes. They appreciate the attention to detail and significance in recognizing the sacrifices of these heroes for their community and country. But most of all this team takes pride in making sure the families of the heroes left behind know we will never forget them, we will never forget sacrifices made, and we will continue to have the watch.
In addition to a variety of Specialty Teams within our organization, many of our Deputies expand their interests and training into specialties that help our organization be more effective and efficient. Some of those specialty skills include:
  • Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)
  • Crash Reconstruction
  • High Liability Instruction
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Fire Investigation