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Community Resources

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is here to help the community get the help and resources they need to stay safe and healthy. Please find a list of recourses below.  

Mental Health

Our team interacts with mental health resources and people experiencing mental health crisis on a variety of levels. Our Deputies receive Mental Health and CIT Training to help those in crisis get to local resources for assistance. The links below are some of the resources we utilize.

Substance Abuse

Our area is not immune to Substance Abuse and Illegal Drug activity. Through a variety of programs at the Bonneville County Jail and local resources like Center for Hope, our teams help people who desire to change their path find resources that can help with rehabilitation and recovery so they can be productive in society and stay out of the Criminal Justice System.

530 E. Anderson
Idaho Falls, ID


Healthy and Safety

The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center (DVSAC) provides support and services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. They provide both immediate help and longer-term support. They extend a helping hand to all affected by these crimes – children, adolescents, and adults. 1050 Memorial Dr. Idaho Falls, ID
Idaho Falls Rescue Mission
  • City of Refuge
  • Ruth House
  • The Haven
    • 840 Park Ave. Idaho Falls, ID

Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation

The Foundation is a way for citizens and businesses to come together to support our heroes in blue. Learn more about our commitment to police officers and citizens like you.

VINE is a free, secure, and confidential way to access custody status and criminal case information. Register for notifications and stay informed.