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With a staff of 81 Deputies, the Detention Team is responsible for the safe operations of the Bonneville County Jail including the Work Release/Work Detail program, Wood Pilot Program, Court Transport and Security, and Arrest Warrants.


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The Bonneville County Jail is operated by the Detention Division of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho Falls, ID. The top priority for Detention Deputies working in the Bonneville County Jail is the safety and security of the public, jail staff and inmates. To accomplish this, Detention Deputies operate under a sound policy of procedures and professional standards ensuring the best jail practices. Operations at the jail include Medical and Food Services staff, Work Release and Work Detail programs, and the Wood Pilot Problem-Solving Court Program.

The Detention team covers a wide variety of duties to keep operations safe and efficient. They are an integral part of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office that work together with the rest of our team serving the community. This location of the Bonneville County Jail opened in November 1998 with an original 284-bed capacity. It has since expanded over time to a current operational capacity of 533 beds.

In 2009 the Bonneville County jail became the home for the newly developed Wood Pilot Project, a problem-solving court rehabilitation program. The program was designed for convicted offenders to receive treatment and services for substance abuse and mental health issues while still being close to their families in local communities.

At the same time, the Work Release facility was expanded allowing more opportunity for inmates to maintain employment while going through the judicial process. The Work Detail Program was also expanded to allow qualifying inmates, under the supervision of a Deputy, to maintain county facilities and work on projects for various non-profit and charitable entities in the area.

These programs promote and maintain productive activities, employment, as well as rehabilitation for those struggling with substance abuse.

Capt. Ed Vitacolona – 208-529-1315 ex. 5327

Lt. Mike Huston – 208-529-1315 ex. 5303

Lt. Brian Johnson – 208-529-1315 ex. 5107

Lt. Lindzie Klucken – 208-529-1315 ex. 5166

Our Detention Deputy Team at the Bonneville County Jail handles day to day operations of our 500+ bed facility 24/7. Responsibilities include the safety and security of inmates, staff and visitors, intake, and processing of inmates, facilitating various programs and inmate resources, and promoting a positive path forward. These Deputies have the unique opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life while they work through mistakes and find a new road in life.

Work Release

Through the Work Release program, Inmates who meet requirements and have approval from the court, can maintain employment while still serving their sentenced jail time by being temporarily released during work hours and returning to the jail after. Inmates are required to follow specific rules and requirements as well as pay a small fee that helps offset costs to run the facility. Failure to follow the rules and requirements could result in additional criminal charges. Inmates who have taken advantage of this opportunity during their sentence were able to continue supporting themselves and their families while they forged a productive path forward in life.

Work Detail

Inmates incarcerated in our facility who meet certain requirements can participate in the Work Detail program and assist with a variety of projects in our community. Under the supervision of a Deputy, inmates take care of landscaping and general maintenance of jail and county grounds, the courthouse, and various church and non-profit entities. Some of these projects include cleanup, painting, and projects that revitalize our community. This allows inmates to be active, learn new skills, and give back at the same time offsetting costs to the county and entities they assist.

In 2009 the Bonneville County Jail became the home for this newly developed program designed to provide treatment and services to inmates dealing with substance abuse and Mental Health Issues. The program allows inmates to rehabilitate while still being close to their families in local communities.

Learn more about the Wood Pilot program at the Bonneville County Webiste.

IGNITE – Inmate Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education, is a comprehensive rehabilitation program designed to provide inmates with education, vocational training, and life skills to help them successfully reintegrate into society upon release. This program embodies our commitment to not only enforcing the law but also to giving individuals the tools they need to transform their lives and contribute positively to our community.

The primary goal of IGNITE is to reduce recidivism rates by equipping inmates with the skills and knowledge needed to break the cycle of incarceration. We aim to empower participants to become self-sufficient, responsible, and law-abiding citizens upon reentry into society. By focusing on education and skill-building, we believe that participants will have a greater chance of securing employment and leading productive lives.

This program began in Genesee County Michigan by Sheriff Chris Swanson in 2021 and has produced amazing results. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be the 9th facility in the country to implement this program and the 1st in Idaho. We are excited to see the positive impact this program will make in our community.

The Bonneville County Courthouse and Law Enforcement Building houses a large portion of county offices and divisions alongside more than a dozen courtrooms and judicial offices. Hundreds of Visitors with a variety of county and court business are greeted by our Court Security Deputies at the security checkpoint every day. This team takes care of Bailiff Duties, inmate security and transport for court hearings, and maintains the overall safety of the public and employees who work here.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for processing and keeping track of warrants issued by the Bonneville County Courts. Deputies assigned to the Warrants Office make sure each warrant is correctly received or returned to the court as necessary and track the location of wanted subjects housed in the jail or any other jurisdiction across the country. Warrants Deputies work with the court system to make sure inmates make court appearances and are released when their time is served.

Maintaining the safety of each inmate, visitor and employee inside the Bonneville County Jail is a big job. At any moment, Deputies may have to deal with dangerous and uncooperative subjects housed in the facility. In extreme circumstances, Deputies who belong to the Correctional Emergency Response Team or “CERT” team, may be called to help a make a situation safe. The CERT Team, like the SWAT Team, has specialized training to deal with cell extraction and the use of less lethal tools and resources that can be deployed inside the secure areas of the jail and handle violent incidents. 

Learn about our Specialty Teams

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