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Patrol Deputy:

Lateral (certified or certifiable) Patrol Deputy Online Application

Starting Wage: $49,000 plus benefits Depending on Experience

Detention Deputy:

Jail Detention Deputy Online Application

Female Detention Deputy Online Application


Civil Deputy Online Application


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Employee benefits:

  • competitive wages – regular step increases
  • shift differential – certification and specialty team pay
  • Paid Sick Leave – Vacation and Holidays



PERSIPublic Employee Retirement System of Idaho: As one of the most stable and solvent retirement systems in the country, Bonneville County employees are members of Idaho PERSI with access to all of their additional benefits including the PERSI Choice 401K Retirement plan.


Nationwide Retirement Solutions 457 Deferred Compensation plan

  • A solid Deferred Compensation plan offered to Bonneville County and public employees statewide

Employee Assistance Plan 

  • Access to confidential counseling services offered at no cost to employees and dependants.

Additional Benefits

  • Life Insurance – $50,000 coverage through LifeMap Assurance Company at no cost to eligible employees up to age 65.
    • Eligible dependants are also covered for $5000 each.
    • Additional coverages are available to purchase by the employee
  • Voluntary Group Life Insurance
  • Flexible Benefit Plan
  • Direct Deposit
  • Membership at ISU and ICCU Credit Unions
  • U-Bank at Work banking program




Health Insurance

  • No cost to the Employee
    • Covers 80% of the additional premium for dependant and family coverage if elected.
    • Includes medical
    • $300 annual accident benefit
    • Prescription medications
    • Vision
    • Wellness
    • Preventative care

Dental Insurance

  • No cost to the Employee
    • Covers 80% of the additional premium covered for dependants and family.
    • Incentive plan covers 70%-100% of routine, diagnostic and preventive services with no deductible up to $1250 per person per year.
    • Other services are generally covered at 50%.


Find out more on the wide variety of Employee Benefits that come with working for Bonneville County

Don’t wait, start a career that makes a difference in our community. We have multiple Deputy positions open in the Patrol and Detention divisions. Whether you are looking for a new career or seeking a Lateral transfer from your current agency, our growing agency needs you!  Now Hiring, Apply today!

why join our team?

Sheriff Samuel M. Hulse
Sheriff Samuel M. Hulse

     BCSO Deputies are a crucial part of the full array of Law Enforcement in Bonneville County.  Working together in their respective teams and divisions to accomplish our mission, we partner with our communities and neighboring Law Enforcement Agencies to maintain a solid layer of Public Safety for every one who visits East Idaho.  

     Our BCSO family of Professionals are proud of the good working relationships we continue to build on, inside and outside of our team.  It’s an integral part of the strong support we share with our community and it’s what makes Bonneville County special.


mission statement

     In cooperation with our citizens and within our allotted resources, the mission of every Deputy of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office is to affirmatively promote, preserve, and provide a feeling of security, safety, and quality services to our community.  Our commitment to Deputy safety is paramount as we strive to accomplish our mission.  


why Bonneville County?

     Bonneville County is a great place to live, work, and play.  Spanning 1900 square miles next to the Wyoming/Idaho border, it’s at the heart of some of the best outdoor recreation and activity year round.  Filled with agriculture, forested mountain peaks, and the South Fork of the Snake River, more than 120 thousand people call this area home.  

     As part of the greater Idaho Falls area, Bonneville County is a population hub containing the largest medical facility in the region, a wide aray of business and commercial entities, amazing schools, and access to a number of Idaho’s major College and University campuses.  Bonneville County


detention team

We are searching for candidates with a strong desire to serve the community and make a difference.  To accomplish that goal, we CANNOT consider candidates who match any of the following criteria:


  • Use of marijuana in ANY form within the last year.
  • Use any other illegal drug within the last 5 years (including meth, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, etc.).
  • Candidates who have sold, transported, or manufactured any illegal drug, or associated with anyone who has.


  • Criminal history with adult Felony convictions.
  • Criminal history of Misdemeanor convictions for Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, or Stalking.
  • Candidtaes who are actively on Criminal Probation.


  • Any Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction within the last 3 years.
  • Suspension of Driving Privileges within the last 3 years.


  • Candidates who have been dishonorably discharged from the US military.


  • Candidates who misstate, omit, or deliberately lie about anything during the hiring process.


minimum qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 18 years of age or older (Detention)
  • 21 years of age or older (Patrol)
  • Must speak English
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Must complete background check
  • Pass written testing 60% or higher
  • Pass physical abilities testing

have questions?

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Would you like to talk to someone about the testing and hiring process for BCSO?

  • Jail:
    • Lt. Mike Huston
    • 208-529-1315 ex. 5303


  • Law Enforcement:
    • Sgt. Karl Casperson
    • 208-529-1350 ex. 1915


Wondering how the interview process works?


Read up on our Interview Process and the Do’s and Dont’s


Now hiring, Apply today! 

now hiring, apply today!