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Drivers License

Sheriff’s Office’s in Idaho are responsible for the issuing of Idaho Driver’s Licenses, ID Cards, and Concealed Weapons Permits (CWP). Deputies assigned to the Driver’s License Division work with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to verify a person’s identity, facilitate testing, and make sure all requirements are met for a person to receive a valid Idaho Driver’s License or ID. This team also processes applications for CWP cards to verify background and necessary training required by Idaho Law before a permit is issued. Additionally, this team handles processing of persons required under Idaho Law to register as a Sex Offender. The Driver’s License Team is the only division in the Sheriff’s Office who gets to meet and assist almost all Bonneville County residents.

Location, Times and Phone

Hours of Operation:
  • Avoid the Line – Make an Appointment HERE
  • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Monday through Friday
    • for Walk-in and Testing transactions
    • Excludes County, State, and Federal Holidays
Testing Hours and Information:
  • Regular Drivers License Testing:
    Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • CDL Testing:
    Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    • What to Bring
      1. Proof of Idaho residency
      2. Proof of age and identity
      3. Social Security Card
Conatct Us

NOTE: The Bonneville County MOTOR VEHICLES Office (Vehicle Titles, Registrations, Dealer Services, etc.) is a Division of the Bonneville County Assessor’s Office. For Motor Vehicles assistance call: 208-529-1350 Option #2 or visit

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Website:


Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) and Renewals

This division handles applications and fingerprinting for concealed weapon permit (CWP) applications and renewals.

For more information about the application process for obtaining Concealed Weapon Permit please contact this division by phone at 208-529-1350 ex. 1524

Sign up for a concealed weapons license handgun safety training course at Idaho Concealed Weapons Licensing

Sex Offender

If you are required to register as a sex offender in Idaho or any other state and live in Bonneville County, you MUST visit the sex offender registration office, inside the driver’s license division located at 254 E. St. (Corner of “E” St. and Yellowstone. For questions about the sex offender registry, call 208-529-1350 EX. 1524.

NOTE: If you were required to register as a Sex Offender in another state at any time, you may be required to register under Idaho law regardless of whether or not you are still required to register in the state of conviction.


Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Division of Motor Vehicles & Driver Services Phone Number: 208-334-8735

Did You Know?

  • You can renew your drivers license up to 25 months before it expires
  • Renewing early doesn’t affect your license expiration date, so you can save yourself some time by planning well ahead of the expiration date
  • If you plan on changing your name, you MUST change it with the Social Security Administration Office FIRST before you can renew your license. See the details
  • Plastic cards are produced at a secure, central facility and mailed to the customer within 3 weeks. The card is mailed in an unmarked envelope, much the same way credit cards or passports are mailed.
  • Applicants leave the county driver licensing office with a temporary card, valid for 60 days. This temporary card is printed on special security paper with a black and white digital image.
  • Current Idaho licenses and ID cards remain valid until it is time to renew.
  • Drivers’ License cards incorporate numerous security features, including micro-printing, ghost images and a laser-perforated pattern that reveals the shape of Idaho when held to the light.
  • A temporary driver’s license or identification card will be issued to use for identification and driving purposes until the plastic card is mailed in approximately 3 weeks. If you not receive your card after this time period please call 208-334-8735.
  • The temporary document contains a photo and all of the information that is contained on the plastic card, including the machine-readable barcode.
  • It is printed on security paper, which contains ultra-violet (UV) fibers throughout. These fibers can be easily detected under a UV light source. The paper’s reverse side features the Idaho state seal, and is color-washed with thermochromatic ink that temporarily turns white when warmed by the touch.
  • When the plastic card arrives in the mail, the temporary document should be destroyed.
Means driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards will be produced at a central, secure location and then mailed to you. You will receive a temporary license or identification card; the new card will be sent to your mailing address in approximately 3 weeks.